Upcoming Events

September 7th~ This is our official kick off for Sunday School. Kids, please come! We're so excited about our Roundup that's right around the corner! We will have cowboy take home kits to send home with you this week, so don't miss out. 
How many of you still remember the VBS "Hey Day" songs? Start practicing!
Don't forget to start working on your stick horses. They can be store bought, homemade, or a decorated stick. We don't care!....just remember Ms. Judy Hebner's rule.... you need to name your horse. After all, your horse will be your partner at the rodeo!!
See ya' all Sunday! Hee Haw!

September 14th~ OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD Kick Off! 
Join us in helping spread the word of Jesus, our Lord and Savior, to children and their families who might never know about HIM, by creating shoe boxes filled with Love. Watch our Video Presentation!

September 24th~ Special~ School of Mission Speakers